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Why Mind Over Maths?

“Mind Over Maths” – daily routines, games, and challenges

Why I Created Mind Over Maths

4 years ago, my twins (boy and girl) had both slipped to the bottom of their maths class in school and their levels of confidence was affected in all areas of their education.

I wanted to help my son and daughter. They both had real struggles with maths. To put it right, I had to go back to the beginning.

Like many Mums and Dads, I value the education of my children very highly. We were fortunate that we were able to afford to put both of our beautiful kids into a highly-regarded private school.

Both my son and daughter were really struggling with maths. They’re bright, enthusiastic learners and have an aptitude for solving problems. We knew how capable they are – so do their teachers in all subjects who’ve worked tirelessly to get the best of out of them. Maths was always tripping both of them up though.

We considered paying for a tutor to support them. My wife and I explored the possibility that they both might have dyscalculia (sometimes called dyslexia with numbers or numerical dyslexia). As all parents do, we just wanted to find an answer.

As time went on, their apparent inability to do basic maths was making them very unhappy. It was beginning to affect the rest of both their experiences at school. That was when I decided to find my own solution.

This is mine and my children’s journey. Both of them were in a place where they didn’t want to go to school because of their lack of confidence with just one core subject – maths! The knock-on improvement in their performance in other subjects has been nothing short of amazing.

After I developed “Mind Over Maths” and then went through the course with my children, my daughter is now answering 120 times tables questions correctly in just 105 seconds and my son is not far behind!

My Daughter After 6 Weeks oof the Mind Over Maths Programme

A Child’s Passion For Learning

When your child is interested in something, what fires their imagination about it and gets them engaged? And how can you tell early on that maths might be an ongoing struggle for them?

Why Children Struggle At Maths

In the first four years of schooling, a pupil is introduced to dozens and dozens of different mathematical concepts covering multiple topics. What happens if they fall behind in just a few?

“Mind Over Maths” And Your Child

Educationalist after educationalist now highlight the importance of learning times table to help accelerated development in maths. It’s going to be part of the National Curriculum from 2019. Why are times tables so important?

Making Maths Fun With Mind Over Maths

The whole course, every day and part of it, has been designed to be fun and to be easily slotted into your and your children’s everyday life. Read about what activities you and your children take part in on the “Mind Over Maths” journey.

Order the “Mind Over Maths” system

“Mind Over Maths” is a quick, fun, and highly effective way to help children master their times tables. You can either purchase the course for personal use at home or, if you’re a teacher, a school-wide licence for 12 months.



Have your child’s teachers mentioned dyscalculia?

Stop right there. Stop worrying. It’s probably not dyscalculia. Many people think of dyscalculia like it’s a form of number dyslexia. Around 3% of the population is thought to be on the dyscalculic spectrum.

Dyscalculia is a condition where someone has problem in understand numbers and how to manipulate them. Your child can take a “number dyslexia test” but even then, that’s not enough for a diagnosis. It’s a complicated condition.

Further maths tuition at home will gauge how your child reacts to mathematical concepts will help. Mind Over Maths concentrates on maths tables to teach the fundamentals of mathematics.

Speaking from my own experience as a Dad who was worried about his children being dyscalculic, Mind Over Maths demonstrated that there was nothing wrong with either of them. It was all about the way the information was presented to them. For more on this, please click here to find out how our children learn new things (link to How Our Children Learn New Things page).

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